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Saturday, July 31st, 2010
12:31 pm
Despicable Toy Story 3
Despicable Me-Loved it. Steve carell's fake accent is amusingly bad.Cute kids, super villains, what's not to love? 9.5/10
Toy Story 3- Meh. Kinda like the first two. Ken was funny. 6.5/10

Stieg Larrson- violent fun scandinavian thrillers.Already read the first two. 7.5/10
Tuesday, August 18th, 2009
12:22 pm
Missed a couple months, huh?

quick bullet reviews


up-9.5 excellent

away we go-cute and funny,8.5

game of thrones by george r. martin-sweet fantasy. 9


flight of the conchords-quirky new zealanders-9.
Saturday, February 28th, 2009
7:47 pm
Ender's Shadows, Coraline, and Yiddish 5-0
Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card- a parallel novel to Ender Game, this book retells the story from Bean's perspective as well as tell his story from Rotterdam slum to Battle School star. 7 (bought from Amazon)

Shadow of the Hegemon, and Shadow of the Strategos by Orson Scott Card-this two novels tells the story of Bean and Peter Wiggin in the aftermanth of the Formic Wars. Hegemon =7.5, Strategos=6.5. (both from BPL)

National Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon-In this alternate world, the modern state of Israel failed and the United States set up a quasi federal district of Sitka for the Jewish refugees from WWII.40 years later, Meyer Landsman is an alcoholic detective who has to solve a murder of a junkie in his residential hotel with his half Tlingit partner Berko Shemets. Its a gritty fully developed yiddish world where shtarkers and shammes quarrel in a Jewish enclave that will revert to the Feds in 2 months time. 9 for Jews, 8 for gentiles (BPL)

Coraline-This animated film is Beetlejuice-lite. 6.5 (fenwway regal cinemas)
Monday, February 16th, 2009
10:20 pm
NYC dystopias and Mumbia slums
Escape from NY- In the 'near future' NYC has been turned into a giant prison. Kurt Russell plays Snake Plissken a war hero turned felon who has 24 hours to rescue the president who has crashed into the NY prison zone. Isaac Hayes plays the bad arse Duke of NY and Ernest Borgnine is around for comic relief. A good bad future movie, 7.5

Warriors- Classic gritty 70's film about the title Coney Island gang who has to fight their way back to Coney Island after being framed for killing the boss of the biggest gang in NY. Lynne Thigpen (later the chief in carmen san deigo) makes a surprise appearance, 7.

Slumdog Milionaire- Jamal is on the cusp of winning the Indian version of who wants to be a millionaire when he is arrested by the police who demand to know how someone from his backround came to the answers. His childhood from Mumbai slum to game show contestant provides a fascinating story of loss, love, and today's India. 9
Monday, February 9th, 2009
1:16 pm
Books from January '09
In the Company of the Courtesan (Sarah Dunant)- Historical fiction set in 16th century Venice as told by the title character's business partner a dwarf. Very engaging and the characters are very believable. The painter Titian plays a role but the history serves to buttress the story. 8/10, borrowed from BPL.

American Jezebel; The Uncommon Life of Anne Hutchinson (Eve Laplante)- written by her great grand daughter, this non fiction tells the story of 17th century heretic/feminist/democrat Anne Hutchinson. A bit heavy on the theology but its an interesting look at Puritanism in the new Mass Bay Colony. 7/10

Born Standing Up, A Comic's Life- Steve Martin. Kinda dry considering it's a autobiography of Steve Martin's stand up career. Still its fascinating and at times laugh out funny, 7.5/10
Wednesday, January 28th, 2009
9:37 pm
Books and Movies for 2009
Since I don't use this for anything (last post being 44 weeks ago) I have decided to resurrect my LJ for film and book reviews. This way I'll be able to come up with a best of 09 list. I've already missed a fair amount so here are some bullet reviews to get started.

Murderball- great documentary about wheel chair rugby. Highly recommended. Watched On Demand (comcast). Rating 8/10

Children of Men- Super gritty realistic sci fi thriller. Very believable and action packed. Fairly depressing but action packed. In 2027 humans have gone infertile for 15 years, the world's gone to the crapper except for decaying police state Britain. Jaded ex radical Clive Owen is approached by ex Julianne Moore to help out her resistance group. Scifi thriller ensues. Watched on DVD. 7/10.

Charlie Bartlett- Offbeat indie comedy. Juno Meets the Royal Tenenbaums. Charlie Bartlett has been kicked out of every single private school and ends up at the neighborhood public school. In order to fit in he hands out prescription meds and advice in the boys bathroom. Juno's best friend plays the romantic love interest and Robert Downey jr plays her alcoholic principal father. Watched on Dvd 7.5/10
Saturday, March 22nd, 2008
6:36 pm
Monday, May 21st, 2007
2:11 pm
All's Well
Sorry for the lack of updates, all's well just busy with girlfriend and work. Both which are going swimmingly (knock on wood). Some quick bullets and then a call for ideas.

1. Saw Harry Conick Jr , he gave a great live show.
2. New favorite bar in Boston, Deep Ellum. Good food, craft beer, and old timey cocktails. I reccomend the gin fizz which tastes like a creamsicle. Also for a hip time check out Les Zygomates in the Leather District, great jazz trio on Friday nights and the fondue's delish.
3. Fingers are crossed for NBA lotto tonight, hope Red can give the C's some luck.
4. I graduated from Simmons on Saturday. Well I think I did but I didn't walk. I'll pick up my diploma this week.

Lastly, my episode of Jeopardy airs on June 27. I'm trying to figure out the best way to have a viewing party with the following points to consider: family, friends, price and parking.
Early thoughts so far include:
A) Here at the Apt. Pro's : easy to get too, convenient for Boston based friends, food will prepared in house/catered, take advantage of our new 37" tv, also with a tv in both steve and megs room we could seat more people. Con's: Tough for my fam to join during work week, parking is a bit tight.
B) Central Mass: Either at my folks or at Zade's (my grandfather). Pro's: Convenient for fam, cheap. Con's: hard for friends to join
C) Bar/Restaurant- Options include Sports Depot in Allston (lots of TV, good food, large seating capacity), Uno's at Harvard Ave (basement has TVs although a bit divided with booths), Boston Beerworks, BU Pub, etc. Pro's: lots of tvs, food already there, conv for friends. Cons: cost, hard for fam, parking depends on location.

I'm leaning towards A (the apartment) but what do you guys think?
Saturday, March 24th, 2007
1:01 pm
Jeopardy and other good news
Jeopardy was pretty awesome. My episode airs June 27 You're not supposed to tell the media how you did, so if you really want to know how I did pick up the phone, or shoot me an email/IM. Great experience and everyone involved was really nice. I talked about TOMB as my fun fact and had a small but spirited Sos cheering section in the studio audience in Jay, John, Jay's gf Crystal, and Jwahl (who went to LA in part to cheer me on). It was great see all of my LA friends (Jlo, Sean, Shelby, Alexei, Edub, Megs, Bobby G., Stu, Lee, Jraf, etc) and thanks again to Jay for letting us take over Bubba Gump.
In other good news, I have a girl friend. She's awesome. This week was our quasi 2 month anniversary and we celebrated by having a romantic breakfast at the TOMB. She's a PHD student at Brandeis and so far is a keeper. As I tell everybody, she's great, hope I don't screw it up.
Other good news of note in bullet form-
1. Steve got a job.
2. Boca Grande opened a Kenmore Square branch, about a 6 min walk from work.
3. My new colleague at TOMB, Julia, was in the TD Banknorth "That's My Man" ad.
Tuesday, February 6th, 2007
7:57 pm
So I'm actually going to be on TV? What are the odds?
I just called my Jeopardy contact to ask him that question and a few other logistics type things.

His response- 99%. As long as you don't show up drunk you'll be on the air.

Jeopardy is becoming more and more my type of show.
Monday, February 5th, 2007
9:06 pm
I'm going to be on Jeopardy. Taping takes place March 6. Booyah! Now I just need to get my thumb in ringing shape.
Saturday, January 13th, 2007
10:12 am
Thought this was fitting ...
You scored as Ptah. Ptah was the major god of Memphis, married to the fierce Sekhmet, the goddess of anger and vengeance. He is the god of creation, masonry and crafts. He is depicted as a bearded man wearing a skullcap, often seated bandaged as a mummy holding the Uas sceptre, an ankh, and a Djed. In the Memphite cosmology, Ptah was seen as the creator of the universe. According to some myths, Thoth created the specifications and secret words of the universe, which Ptah then fashioned.

Your Symbols: Architect's transit, level, plumb-line, bricks
























Which Egyptian god are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
12:43 am
Good News, Bad News
The Good

Celtics are on a 5 game win streak. Go C's!
job is still awesome.
went to cracker barrel with Shannon, Nat, and Jess (nashville roadtrip reunion)
Williams-Sonoma outlet store
my folks

The Bad
Zardoz- 1974 sci fi dud starring Sean Connery. Easily the worst movie I've seen since Mannos the Hands of Fate. Zardoz is a floating stone head that vomits guns, I kid you not.

The Ugly
Damage to my car from Sunday's fender bender- 1900. Looks pretty superfical but hopeful the Dallas Carboys can save my car from 'borderline totaled'.
Friday, December 15th, 2006
9:17 am
Haven't updated in awhile so here's a brief entry in bullets.

1. Job- awesome. Being Sales Coordinator/Assistant Manager at an egyptian themed puzzle experience works for me. Easily the best job I've had since the cornfield maze. I even have my own desk and phone now but I'm still waiting on those business cards.
2. Education- Even with a class next semester I'm still 2 credits short of my masters. Met with my advisor and she said she'd waive them. So as of May 20th, I'll have my Masters in Teaching.
3. Fam- My middle brother is seperating from his wife en route to divorce. In Illinois you have to be legally seperated for 6 months before you can divorce (now you know why Nevada was so popular). It'll be kinda messy 'cause Jake and Melissa have a 2 year old. Pretty messy/depressing all around. Moral of the story is don't marry a headcase.
4. Chanukah- starts tonight. Latkes TBA. Also which TOMB gift shop item is more appropiate for my 1 and 2 year old nephews: Anubis doll (http://www.linsdomain.com/gods&goddesses/pictures/relief-anubis.jpg ) or Sothbek doll ( http://www.artyfactory.com/egyptianart/gods/images/sobek%20_1.jpg)? I'm leaning toward Sobek myself.
Monday, November 6th, 2006
3:38 pm
Takin' Care of Business
I have a job.
Here http://www.5-wits.com/
Assistant Manager or some other title TBA
Thanks everybody for supporting my unemployed lame arse.
Prepare yourself for return of fun Joe with income.
Sunday, October 22nd, 2006
9:12 pm
Nashville Roadlog
So about 2 weeks ago, Jess, Nat, Shannon and I roadtripped down to Nashville for Mary Claire's wedding. I've been meaning to do an entry on it and luckily for all we kept a log of the whole trip. Here it is in all it's glory.

Nashville Roadtrip Log
Thursday October 5

6:43- left Nat’s in Brookline

7:01- Learned Jess’ car had been towed

7:04- Joe is mildly pissed off

7:21- Strange singing from the trunk. Don’t worry- it’s just Hula Homer.

7:43- Rescued Jess’ car!

8:01- On the road again …

8:08- Homer sings to “She’s Like the Wind”.

8:45- First rest stop in Charlton, Ma.

9:02- Moon and clouds look really eerie and cool. Joe tells us he’s a werewolf.

9:03- We leave rest area

9:08- Joe: So I Jess I didn’t know you liked old school hip hop.
Shannon:- It was new school then.

9:38- Nat and Joe decide to ignore Mapquest.

9:40- Car swerves in front of us
crashes into median, totaled.

9:42- called 911

9:47- Joe notes that 12 year old Jess Nemczuk recorded “ I Want to Sex You Up”.

10:40- Welcome to New York

11:15- Sosnoff crosses the Tappan Zee

11:24- 200 miles covered, 900 to go

11:45- Nat Drive, Joe co-pilot

11:48- Enter NJ, Nat realizes he left the E-Brake on

[Note- according to GPS Nat drove 152 mph]

11:55- Nat gains country music cred

11:57- Nat loses country music cred by confusing Clint Black with Clint Randall

Friday October 6th
12:26- Joe loses Broadway street cred
“What is that?’ “Les Mis”.

12:55- Pennsylvania welcomes us, Joe gets Dorito on log.

1:07- Delirum begins in Bethelem

2:24- Downtown Harrisburg? No thanks!! SNAP!

2:49- Radio calls non Eagles fans snapperheads?

2:58- Nat renames Southern Pennsylvania, SOPA

3:09- Nat and Joe pee on the gas station

3:11- “Nat drove through the crappiest stuff- New Jersey and this [rain]”.

3:14- Sheetz 2, Flying J 1.5

3:26- Cross Mason Dixon line. Maryland? Nobody saw it coming!!

3:27- WaHo.

3:31- Sheetz 3, Flying J 1.5

3:36- West Virgina

3:37- Nat anticipates Flying J in 30 miles

3:44- Sheetz 4, Flying J 1.5

3:46- Sheeetz 5

3:53- Sheetz 6

3:58- Sheetz 6, J 3
Virgina!! (Welcome to it)

4:02- 7,3

4:05- 8,3 – 9,3 (unsmiley face)
4:32- Back on the road after little rest stop. Shannon now driving, Jess is co-pilot.

5:00- We listen to Rent in the rain.

6:14- We wonder where the sun is.

6:22- We’ve gone 644.1 miles and have 466.1 to go.

6:43- Longest song in the world: song from the credits of “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”.

7:18- We think the sun has risen (it’s overcast).

7:20- We were wrong -sun rises now.

7:24- Gas sighting at $2.03. Stop at Cracker Barrel in Christiansburg, VA.

8:22- leave Cracker Barrel (where Joe tried to cut pancakes with spoon). Jess drives, Shannon co-pilot.

8:25- Shannon sticks Nat with the log. Nat unhappy, see Joe, yesterday.

8:39- Quick fix- duct taped mirror.

8:42- Nat pitches hissy fit about illegal hitchhiking. “ it’s a basic freedom”.

8:59- Virgina is declared the prettiest state.

9:11- Stop at Kangaroo ($2.07). Jess spent $26.08. Nat used the women’s room.

10:13- Victory Baptist Church- largest cross EVER!! (Bristol)

10:15- Chik-fil-A sighting!!

10:17- Welcome to Tennessee!!

10:44- Photo evidence of Nat “not sleeping in cars”

10:46- Finished the alphabet game! XPRESS!

10:49- “Knoxville 69! Sweeeeet!”

11:53- leave Taco bell. Or middle east? “Taco Bell’s huge in the middle east”.

1:26- Louisiana loves Harry Potter (GRFNDOR license plate)

1:35 Nat and Joe hear “Honkytonk Pa donk a donk” on 103.3 fm

2:09- Jo Jo declared artist of the trip. A little sad. John Meyer: runner up.

2:23- Another gas stop at smelliest truck stop ever. $20 Joe gas.

2:45- Lost GPS reception.

2:52/1:52 (time zone change)- Music City!!

~ 3:35- Joe and Jess go to the Parthenon

~ 4:30- Joe experiences his 1st healthy smoothie ( complete with muscle builders in the store, not his drink)

~ 8:30- BBQ + Honky Tonk with Rheri and Jim

Saturday October 7th
~ 9 AM- We learn that Bobh’s plane is delayed 3 hours (after multiple morning awakenings from Joe)

~ 10 AM and 2 pm- Waffle house

4:57- Joe Nat almost crashes car on highway, Rheri has no chance but to follow.

5:34- Spring Hill Ham Festival and Corn Maze!

5:45- We find the bathrooms

6:30- Mary Claire gets married

7:00- It is really cold- we get the table closest to the heat lamps.

~ 8:30- Purple shirt Rubin (Age 7) is the star dancer

~9- Jess misses the girls’ dance off (Shannon vs. Mary). Shannon does the water sprinkler.

~ 10- Keg beer is the only alcoholic beverage left.

~9:30- Cliff of the “Cliff-Notes” said he’d like to see Rheri’s show in San Fransisco

~ 11 -Joe decided to be the responsible DD and drives us all back to the hotel

6:45 Minister uses weird metaphors during ceremony (ie- marriage is like crazy glue and dogs playing poker)

11:15- LOLITA! LIGHT OF MY LIFE! Pterodactyls says good bye.
11:15- Joe eats a centerpiece.

11:30- Leave wedding, sober! Stole leaves.

Middle of night- Bobh throws uph (3 times) (in corner?)

Sunday October 8th

12:06 pm- Joe almost crashes. Again Rheri has no choice but to follow.

12:10- Nat starts to make hand movements out of the window

12:11- Rheri’s car makes fun of him, also making hand movements

12:12- Everyone joins in holding various objects out of the window.

12:13- Log is almost lost out the window.

12:15- Acquired 1 Devon

12:20- Nashville ahoy!

2:15- Rheri takes the lead. Nat and Joe ignore the GPS.

2:20- Joe stops for gas. Again (19.77)

2:35- Parked and going in the Opry. Wahoo.

6:07- “No hugging in the GPS (Guhpus) chair”

6:30ish- Go to the Bluebird Café, music is good (band called GBGs) but no seats. We see Devon’s CO license plate then get dinner at …

~ 7:30 Group splits into 2- Hoity toity dinner vs. Bar-B-Cutie

~9:30 Fashion show featuring stylish Nashville t-shirts

11:40- Lights go on at hotel bar- Rheri, Jim, Devon and Jessica realize that we’re all ugly

Monday October 10th

Before 5 Am- Jessica is ready + therefore gets to live ( according to Joe)

5:06 AM- On our way home!

5:30- Country song references Sinead O’Connor tearing up picture of the Pope.

6:10- Jo Jo then “Anyway You Want It”.

6:09- $1.99/gal= gas! Sub $2 ! Jess’ life is complete.

6:30- Jess pays for gas. 18.11

6:44- Chik-fil-A HEAVEN

7:10- Joe owes Nat $7 million for Waho and Bar- B- Cutie. Joe expects to be free of debt by 2037.

7:24- Begin Times Sunday Crossword.

9:30- Black Walnut Stain discussion on 103.3 Knoxville Big Talker FM (remedies include rubbing alcohol, lemon juice,and WD40. Subsequent caller says don’t use WD40, it’s poisonous).

10:51- Goldie Locks and the 3 bears Cha Cha Cha

~ 11:00- Leave gas station

11:05- Shannon realizes that Nat has thrown out her chik-fil-a sandwich (minor fit)

11:12- Virgina!

11:14- Quick detour to Chik-fil-a so Nat can redeem himself

11:16- Nat is lost, Chik-fil-a has disappeared

11:18- Tennessee!

11:19- Nat asks God to find a Chik-Fil-A in order to avoid the solvents (see weird minister entry)

11:24- Nat lets Shannon down after crushing her hopes and dreams

11:25- Joe thinks Jess wants to steal his tissues- threatens to drop her off at the Wash-a-Teria

11:28- Gigantic cross sighting

11:29- Assuming we’re back in Virgina

12- Honkytonk Bah-donk-a-donk!
1- Nat still in Chik-Fil-A fueled doghouse

1:41- Log Vignette-Nat is driving, Shannon has made several attempts to find ARBY’s on the GPS, Jess has slept in the car for the last hour or two and Joe is hot and has gone through one box of Kleenex already. Just passed yet another VA natural bridge.

2:10- Jess puts on shoes to impress truckers.

2:24- Log is temporarily lost, Joe is sitting on it.

2:22- Nat thanks kindred spirit (hitch hiker). Nat does not pick up hitchhiker, thereby saving 4 lives (ours).

2:40- Subway sandwiches= happy roadtrippers. Nat inhales his to avoid death by truck(s).

4:08- Sheetz! Nat out $28. Joe called to complain about the dirty bathroom even though we have no idea where we are …

4:44- Jess and Joe get snippy over dull pencils. Nat tells them to “stop being snapperheads!”.

4:46- J,J, and S all duck and try to surprise passing drivers. We are all snapperheads!

4:47- Toot your horn!

4:51- Nat makes passing car’s life pass before their eyes. Waves to say My Bad. Also: Hello WV.

4:59- Toot #2!

5:02- Robot to Crocodile Rock. Jazz Hands!

5:04- Toot #3!

5:09- Disco Toot!

5:11- 4! + Yay Maryland!

5:21- Mason Dixon Line, Bye bye y’all.

5:33- Nat sneezes out the window yet straight into Shannon’s face. He continues to unintentionally abuse his girlfriend who is still Chik-Fil-A-less.

5:45- Homer sings to Patsy Cline. Amazing!

6:20- Status Update- NY Times crossword not yet ¼ done, Nat still driving (trip record 7 hours and counting!), Surprise plan kinda works on a 11 year old girl.

6:24- Nat refuses to let Joe to go to the bathroom for 40 minutes until he has to go too. Booya.

6:40- Stop at Stucky’s gas station: Theraflu for Joe, Airborne for the rest of us. Tag-Jess is it.

7:42- Mad traffic. May never make it home. We love you Ma(s).

7:46- Finally merged. Frustrated Jazz hands. Fosse you!

7:50- Holler and Swaller mid traffic jam.

8:45- Arby’s + TJ Cinnamon+ Pasta Connection+Long John Silvers. SweetAs.
-Relive Troupe Moments (and Sat Night [smiley])
-Joe bets Nat double or nothing TJ Cinnamon will not have coffee. He now owes Nat $14 million.

9:25- Jersey doesn’t welcome you.

10~- Joe fell asleep, Jess drove through some traffic with Jersey barriers on both sides. Nat and Jess discussed the 90’s (the 1990’s not the 1890’s). Pass the Palisades Mall which is sinking, we miss out on the chance to shop there.

10:53- Google buys YouTube for $1.6 bil, we cross Tappan Zee Bridge.

10:56- Kim Jong Il, you so crazy.

10:58- NY may or may not welcome us.

11:27- Shannon pretends we didn’t get lost so we will get home sooner.

11:41- Joe tries to fill tank with diesel but gets mad at Nat for wanting to navigate (after 2 slight detours with Jess driving)

12:04- Connecticut!

12:03- Girls sing to Lisa Loeb’s “Stay”. Boys wait for Honkytonk Bahdonkadonk.

1:36- Enter Ma!!

~1:03- 1st signs for Boston!!

2:25- Boston!! I love that dirty water.

2:33- Total mileage- 2474!!

2:34- Shannon forgets where Nat lives.
~2:36 Obscenity rising! (re Joe’s various rages/nose cancer)

2:36- Shannon has a Honkytonk Bah Donk a Donk.

2:37- Drop off Nat. (good riddance, snapperhead!!)

2:43- park at Jame’s Taylor’s spot then eat Tipsy Cake.

2:52- Finish Tipsy cake midnight snack at Nat’s.

3:05- We bid Jess a fond farewell. Until Joe comes back in 2 min so she can get her car.

3:13- Drop off Shannon “Honkytonk Ba donk a donk” Parvis

3:33 AM EST 10/10/06- Joe completes Jess car drop-off/switcheroo.
He would like to congratulate Mary Claire and Brian on their nuptials and thank Jess, Nat, and Shannon for putting up with Joe for 40 hours in a car and almost 2500 miles. Thus ends the Nashville road log.
Wednesday, September 27th, 2006
8:51 am
Long time, no entry
Not a heck of lot going on with me- still mainly unemployed; I work three days a week at the Old North giving tours and have class at Simmons two days a week finishing up my teaching degree which I don't care to use. I applied for some corporate sales gigs this week so we'll see how that goes. For Columbus Day a group of us (Jess Nem, Nat, and Shannon) are roadtripping from Boston to Nashville for Mary Claire's wedding. Expect a real entry then. In the meantime check out some of my food reviews at http://thesos.yelp.com/

Here is one of my newest reviews.

Soul Fire BBQ
Category: Barbeque
District: Allston/Brighton

"When it comes to BBQ, Soul Fire is the new kid in town. Located on Harvard Ave in Allston it has a great location to be the rib capital of the student ghetto. It is a definitely a neat concept- order at the counter, wait for your dry rub bbq, and then go nuts at then sauce bar with sauces ranging from sweet to mustard and vinegar. The decor is funky with an a red and black interior highligted by a glass bar with class soul lp covers under the glass.

Bob and I arrived long before the rest of the party so had ample time to sample the sides. The potato salad has quite the kick and the mac and cheese is small bowl of gooey goodness topped with crushed potato chips. Unfortunately they didn't have their beer license yet so instead we drank some Harpoon soda (root beer and cream soda, good but nothing to write home about).

All the BBQ is dry rub so you apply the sauces yourself. The chicken was superior, fall off the bone finger licking good. But the rack of ribs were very underwhelming, it seemed like they had been under a heating lap for most of the day. The sauces packed a wollop, all have some serious heat, even the sweet stuff. The spare ribs looked bigger than the half rack of ribs. For 15 dollars the soul fire platter is two meats, two sides, cornbread and a pickle. The meat portions are a little skimpier- for your best value go for the spare ribs (meatier than the rack of ribs) and the catfish. The catfish was probably my favorite menu item, at least what I could steal from my friend Melissa. Sides I forgot to mention were the greens (above average with flakes of bbq in it) and the cole slaw (again above average).

Score- Long Single
Soul Fire has a lot of things going for it (sauce bar, decor, sides) but the value and the ribs were both underwhelming. So I score it a long single, looks like a double but its only a single off the Monster. Soul Fire is just a few months old so hopeful it's portions and quality rib control will improve with time. And if it had beer perhaps I wouldn't have been so critical."
Monday, August 21st, 2006
3:24 pm
Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
8:40 am
Summer of Sos

Long time no update. Anyway in quick bullet fashion here are summer of Sos highlights and lowlights.

-Job status= unemployment. So far I’m loving it despite the whole negative cash flow.

-Facial hair gone- pics are here http://sosceltic.blogspot.com

-Food- I love it. Have spent a lot of quality time at Redbones with my work (er former work) friends. Will need to branch out to find other quality barbecue. Recommend Redbones Texas and Memphis ribs as well as the Catfish. And the pecan pie is 2nd to only Mary Claire’s.

-Shenanigans- a whole lot of that lately. Special shout outs to Jay and Danny for visiting from LA, 25th Bday Pub Crawl after party which I slept through (as Danny and Mikey lost Steve!?), and 6 flags (2 for 1 coupons so I’d go again).

-New roommate- Ed, friend of Jraf and Jjunks. Nice dude, replaced beer fridge and futon. What’s not to like?

-Best movies of the Summer- Wordplay and Lady in the Water. I am a narf.

-Best habit gained from summer film-Crossword puzzles. I love them especially the Weekly Dig Guestcrosslord’s.

-Best summer reading- Weekly Dig. It’s fun, it’s irreverent, and it’s free. For real reading liked Beyond Glory: Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling, and a World on the Brink by David Margolick and Unchosen: The Hidden Lives of Hasidic Rebels
by Hella Winston.

Videogames- With the restraints of employment gone I have time for videogames. I’ve been battling commies in Gamecube’s Freedom Fighter, an alternate history first person shooter where the commies have taken over modern day NYC and it’s up you, a plumber, to fight for freedom.
Sunday, July 2nd, 2006
12:49 pm
House that Naismith Built
This is my latest entry for Perkolators. Enjoy.

Of all things originating in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts- Dunkin Donuts, the American Revolution, birth control, etc – none is so universally accepted and loved as the game of basketball. So when my roommate Jeremy suggested we go to the Basketball Hall of Fame I agreed faster than you could say peach basket peach basket. Springfield is about a 2-hour drive from Boston including a breakfast stop at McD’s on the mass pike. Say what you want about the Golden Arches, they still have the best fast food breakfast hands down. I had been to the Hall of Fame as a kid but not since it was redone in 2002. What follows are some highlights and lowlights from a Perkolators perspective (keep in mind I have work experience at the Boston Children Museum, Old North Church, Davis Farmland and Megamaze, and the National Yiddish Book Center so I have a bit of a clue in terms of tourism/visitor service).

Here’s Jeremy outside the Hall of Fame. He’s a little punchy after being in the car for 2 hours (that explains why he parked on the sidewalk).

The Basketball Hall of Fame is conveniently located in Springfield off of I-91 about 10 minutes from the Mass Pike. From the street the Hall of Fame is an impressive structure that looks like a cross between Space Mountain, Epcot center, and a Basketball. Once inside the Hall of Fame has a central axis of a basketball court appropriately called Center Court. You take an elevator up to the Honors ring (3rd floor) then work your way down to the ground floor. On the Honors ring they have a picture and a blurb of every single inductee into the Hall of Fame. It’s pretty impressive. All inductees in the honor ring get the same amount of blurbage and some players have artifacts displayed (jerseys, shoes, etc.) After spending 30 minutes or so walking around the Honor ring it becomes quickly apparent there are a crapload of inductees you’ve never heard of. Fun Fact- There are 4 teams inducted to the HOF. They are the Buffalo Germans, the New York Rens, the Harlem Globetrotters and of course the original Celtics.

Here is a picture of the original Celtics. They have two players inducted into the Hall of Fame, Joe Laphick and Nat Holman. Holman was later the coach of the 1950 CCNY team that won both the NCAA and NIT title in the same year.

After the Honor Ring you walk down to the second floor. Here are most of the actual exhibits. First exhibit is on Dr. Naismith and the history of the early game. They even have the original printed copy of the 13 rules of basketball.
Fun Naismith fact- After inventing the game of Basketball in 1891 he went to become the first basketball coach at Kansas in 1898 and in 1936 had the honor of throwing the opening tip off at the First Basketball Game of the Olympics (between France and Estonia). The early basketball section has a ton of jerseys, shoes, trophies, etc all from the early game. It’s amazing how fast the game spread and how quickly it become a national and especially with WWI an international phenomenon. It’s also amazing how well documented the spread of the game was with flyers on display announcing the Original Celtics, Harlem Globetrotters, etc in town to take on the local competition.

Fun Women’s Bball Fact-Only two years after bball was invented by an instructor at Smith College befriended Dr.N. Senda Berenson Abbott organized the first women's game, held at Smith College on March 22, 1893 (no male spectators were allowed) .

The players section of the hall of fame has random jerseys of Hall of Famers. No real organization of the jerseys but I did manage to see many Celtics greats. The only current player represented here is none other than Paul Pierce who for some reason has his locker in the Hall of Fame. There are some cool interactive exhibits where you can test your vertical leap (Jer got a 24 and my beer belly got a whopping 9 inches), measure your wingspan (my wingspan of 70 inches was dwarfed by Mchale’s 94, one more reason of why I’m not in the NBA), and even ‘play’ on a blue screen in a NBA Jam type game. There was also a thing to test your reaction time and a rebounding activity that was broken. The interactive stuff was great, I only wish there more of it. Interactive displays scored a B minus, would have been a B if the rebounding machine was working.

Paul’s Locker

My favorite part of the HOF was the media section mostly because of the Johnny Most “Havilcek Stole the Ball” exhibit. Here you get to watch Johnny’s classic call and then record your own version. I had Jeremy in stitches screeching my horrible Johnny Most impression. A must do activity for any and all Celtics fans. They also had a booth with clips of the greatest games of all time- Jer and I spent at least 30 minutes watching clips of the 72 Olympic Game, the real life Hoosier Final Game of Milan vs. Muncie Central), the triple OT Celtic-Suns game in 76 and many more. There was also a station where you could read off a teleprompter and then watch tape of yourself. The media section was well put together and scores an A minus mostly thanks to the Johnny Most section.

On the second floor there was also a team and a coaches section. At the Celtics area they had several neat artifacts from the Red Auerbach era with my favorite being the necktie he wore at his last game.

At this point Jer and I were pretty exhausted but we trooped on to the ground floor and …. CENTER COURT!!! Center Court was a full sized court with a several different hoops from different stages of the game’s evolution from peach basket to glass backboard. Jer and I warmed up on the peach basket ...

before moving on to Gerald Green type above the rim-tronics.

There was a large sign at Center Court saying it would close at 3:30. When I asked one of the employees why Center Court was closing early he replied it was being rented out for a bar mitzah. Apparently for a cool 3 to 7 Gs the Hall of Fame can be yours for any type of occasion. Lets just say I know now where all future Dancin Joe's kids bnai mitzah will be .

In review I liked the history of the game presented in Springfield, loved the interactive activities but would have appreciated more stories of the game presented in more interesting ways than hey look another old jersey. Exhibits on different eras of the game would have been great. Total grade of the Bball Hof= B. This has been Dancin Joe leaving you with a moment of Zen.

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